Why distribute on the Outer Banks?

As a top beach destination with hundreds of restaurants and dozens of retailers the strongest advantage to breweries is the constant rotation of visitors. This market provides a unique opportunity to build brand presence across multiple states from one locale.  Top states of the 225,000 visitors vacationing in the area (typically between April – October) include; Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and Maryland. Learn more about the benefits of the Outer Banks market below.



The Outer Banks is home to over 300 restaurants, most are independent and locally-owned. Our local cuisine ranges from seafood specialties to southwestern, pizza to beach barbecue, not to mention our steakhouses, seafood buffets, grills and pubs, and cross-cuisine to name a few more. And of course, our fresh NC seafood.

Grocery, Retailers and Growler Shops:

The OBX is home to 15 grocery stores with 2 more slated to open 2018/2019, and over 25 independent beer and wine retailers including several growler shops. Grocery chains include Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Fresh Market and Publix.

Our Market:

Dare and Currituck county comprise the most northeastern portion of the North Carolina coastline, known for our long history of fisheries, beautiful beaches and the birthplace of flight.

marketshare map

Today the Outer Banks market provides a stable year-round populous of 55,000 residents which grows to over 225,000 during the summer. Visitors to the area range from day trippers, to weekend getaways or weeklong vacations.

In 2013, Dare received an estimated $953 million in direct revenue from visitor expenditures, the 4th largest amount of any county in the state.  And between 2012 and 2014, Dare County had an average of $400 million in gross occupancy receipts each year.

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