Blue Blaze Brewing is based in Charlotte, NC, they brew unique interpretations of classic American, English, and German beers, using pesticide-free, locally-sourced ingredients, whenever available.
Blue Blaze offers five flagship beers and a unique rotating selection of specialty and seasonal beers.
What’s the story behind the name? 
Paint stripes — called blazes — of different colors are used on the Appalachian Trail to serve as waypoints and indicate points of interest.
Side trails that lead to water, relaxation and camaraderie are identified by a Blue Blaze. 
They named their brewery after the Blue Blaze as a source of inspiration to create refreshing and original beer while honoring the communal spirit of the Appalachian Trail. 

Year-round Releases


Blue Blaze Altbier

Blue Blaze has taken two very different classic German Altbier styles and crafted them into one refreshing, crisp, lighter-bodied beer that still packs in the flavor. The deep copper maltiness contrasts with the bright white head and spicy finish.
ABV: 5.0%.


Amber Blaze Amber

This is their take on the classic American Amber. Amber Blaze will remind you of the first craft beer you ever fell in love with. Turned up to 11. Blue Blaze pushes the classic style with a biscuit-forward maltiness and generous hop flavor and aroma.
ABV: 5.6%.


Double Blaze Black IPA

Blue Blaze loves brewing complex beers that blend two classic styles, transcending both to form something unique and delicious. In this case, they’ve introduced Porter and IPA, resulting in a beautiful balance of citrus hop flavors and tropical aromas, packed tightly into a medium‐body dark ale with a roasty finish.
ABV: 6.1%.


Black Blaze Milk Stout

Their milk stout is a classic English mainstay. Black Blaze is a medium-bodied, creamy, dark beer. It has a slightly sweetened roastiness with hints of espresso & chocolate. This is a dark beer that you can drink all day long. 
ABV: 5.0%.


Yellow Blaze Kölsch

This classic German golden ale is crisp and satisfying. The mild, sweet malt is perfectly balanced with a subdued spicy flavor note from German hops.
ABV: 5.0%.


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