Based in Cary, NC, Fortnight reproduces the tastes of UK beer styles some of their partners drank in their native England. Their goal is to supply North Carolina with authentic UK style beers in both keg and cask conditioned forms.  Check out the award-winning releases offered year-round by Fortnight Brewing.

Year-round Releases


All You Need is Hops

Style: India pale Ale
Body: medium/Light
Serving Temp: 48-55f

56 IBU  11 SRM  6.1 ABV

Hops, hops, hops.
Nothing you can brew that can’t be hopped.
Nothing you can drink that can’t be drunk.
English malts and west coast hops.
It’s easy.
All you need is hops.


Pendragon Porter

Style: Porter
Body: Medium
Serving Temp: 48-55f

42 IBU  31 SRM  4.8 ABV

Voted Best In Show and Gold medal winner at the 2016 Brewers Cup
Our Porter is smooth and Lush. Layers of roastiness, coffee and chocolate await you with each pour.  Medium bodied with a tan head that follows you down to the bottom of the glass, this beer is drinkable year round.


Carolina Amber

Style: Extra Special Bitter
Body: medium/Light
Serving Temp: 48-55f

40 IBU  17 SRM  5.5 ABV

Award winning Bronze medal from the 2016 US Open Beer Championship
Carolina Amber, an ESB style ale.
A well balanced, smooth, medium bodied ale with fig and raisin aroma.


Bespoke Blonde Ale

Style: Blonde Ale
Body: Light
Serving temp 48-55f

21 IBU  5.5 SRM  5.0 ABV

Award winning Silver medal from the 2016 US Open Beer Championship

Like a fine suit or a classic hand built car this blonde ale is also hand crafted. Using the finest malts and hops, this blonde is light, crisp, & packed full of flavor.  It’s time to treat your palette to a little something special. Something bespoke.


Coffee Amber

Style: Amber Ale
Body: medium/Light
Serving Temp: 48-55f

An easy drinking beer that takes advantage of specialty UK amber malts for its distinctive taste and aroma.

Caffeine free. No coffee was harmed in the brewing of this beer.

Want more Fortnight? Check out seasonal and limited runs here.

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