Gizmo Brew Works

At its inception, Gizmo Brew Works inherited a 2 barrel brewhouse, making it one of the smallest production breweries in North Carolina. Strong and feisty for its size, Gizmo surged forth into the competitive beer market. As Gizmo’s reputation grows, so does its size. New infrastructure boosted its growth with larger tanks and a new 7 bbl brewhouse.  Currently, they sell beer on draft, in cans, and in 22oz bombers. Thirsty souls can find our beer in some of the finest retail shops and restaurants/bars throughout North Carolina.


Beekeeper Honey Wheat 5.5% ABV 11 IBU

A light, dry, refreshing summer ale. Hints of banana and bread on the nose. A clean finish highlighted by a touch of cloves and subtle honey flavor. Very low in bitterness. Pairs well with summer salads, fruit, risotto, shrimp, lobster, and most fish

The Assist

The Assist American IPA 6.8% ABV 72 IBU

Damn Right

Damn Right Pineapple Milkshake IPA 8% ABV 58 IBU

Damn right is a hazy, fruity, bitter sweet symphony of flavor. Not one ounce of the Vic Secret and Azzacca hops were boiled, but pounds on pounds were added to a lengthy hop stand and massive dry hop, lending huge pineapple notes to its juicy flavor and tropical nose. Lactose, vanilla beans and freshly pureed pineapple bestow a sweetness that perfectly meld, ending with a creamy juicy finish. Hazy. Juicy. Damn Right.

Gizmo Gose Wild

Gizmo Gose Wild Strawberry Gose 4.3% ABV 14 IBU

First we kettle sour, using our house Lacto to lower the acidity to a tart & crisp 3.4 pH. Freshly crushed coriander and pink Himalayan salt complete the style. We didn’t stop there. Ever the experimenters, we added loads of freshly pureed strawberries to add a fruity twist on a classic German sour. So pucker up; things are about to get wild

Black Stiletto

Black Stiletto Stout 6.1% ABV 31 IBU

A sexy, silky stout. Aroma recalls roasted barley and caramel. A smooth body on the lighter side for a stout. Enjoyable mouthfeel. Finishes on the sweeter side with noticeable chocolate flavor. Try with spicy foods, red meats, fruit-based desserts, and anything containing chocolate

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