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Ugly Fish. Beautiful Beer. Award Winning.

Coelacanth Brewing Company is based out of Norfolk, Va.  They’re more than just another Brewery. They focus on creating unique takes on classic styles – crafting well-designed, balanced ales and authentic lagers. They don’t make a bunch of hoppy beers.  They don’t make Pumpkin beer. They don’t follow the crowd. They make their own path.

AND they’re eco-friendly & making a difference, they are Hampton Roads’ FIRST Virginia Dept. of Environmental Quality Certified Green Brewery (and one of only 12 in the State) as well as the FIRST Hampton Roads Dominion Green Power® certified Brewery.  They were awarded the “Virginia Green Travel Leader Award” TWO YEARS IN A ROW (2016 & 2017) recognizing them for their efforts!

Click here to see Coelacanth’s year-round releases available on the Outer Banks.

Coelacanth {see-la-kanth}

Hard to say. Easy to drink.

Just Different.

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