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Clouds Brewing is based in Raleigh, NC, with a focus on European lagers and ales. Click here to view the year-round releases offered by Clouds, including their award-winning lager. 

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Fortnight Brewing, based in Cary, NC, reproduces the tastes of UK beer styles some of their partners drank in their native England. Their goal is to supply North Carolina with authentic UK style beers in both keg and cask conditioned forms.  Click here to view the award-winning releases offered year-round by Fortnight Brewing. 


Blue Blaze Brewing Company, based in Charlotte, NC, brews unique interpretations of classic American, English, and German beers, using pesticide-free, locally-sourced ingredients, whenever available.  Click here to check out their five flagship beers and a unique rotating selection of specialty and seasonal beers.

The story of Brüeprint Brewing Company begins in the Wagner kitchen where Eric first combined his passion and talent for gourmet cooking with over 20-years of engineering expertise, specifically in treating water.  The process of releasing enzymes to break down starches into sugar and fermenting the sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide is second nature to a water engineer– while balancing delicious flavor is what a gourmet cook strives for. Hence the “blueprint” for great beer was born! Eric’s unique combination of talents led the way for the one-of-a-kind, handcrafted beer, each as original as a fingerprint.   Click here to view their year-round releases. 

At its inception, Gizmo Brew Works inherited a 2 barrel brewhouse, making it one of the smallest production breweries in North Carolina. Strong and feisty for its size, Gizmo surged forth into the competitive beer market. As Gizmo’s reputation grows, so does its size. New infrastructure boosted its growth with larger tanks and a new 7 bbl brewhouse.  Currently, they sell beer on draft, in cans, and in 22oz bombers. Click here to see a sampling of Gizmo’s offerings.

Atlantic Craft Beer and Specialty Wine Distributors is actively working with Supplier Partners to deliver the newest brands of North Carolina independent craft beer to the Outer Banks.

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